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Exceeding Your Expectations

Alaska Journey Tours in Fairbanks, Alaska

Based in Fairbanks: Chasing Northern Lights (Aurora) with Photo Service

Husky Dog Sledding with Pick Up & Photo Service

Birch Forest Trekking

 Fairbanks City Tour
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Chasing Northern Lights with Photograph Service

Northern Lights Seasons: from August 25 to April 25.

(We start at 10:30pm to 11:00pm. But it will be a little late at 11:30pm from March 20 to April 25.)
We are driving and chasing the northern lights. When the northern lights (aurora borealis) are coming out in the sky, you may come on out. Then we take pictures for you.

We will pick you up at Hotels in Fairbanks downtown. If you do not stay at a hotel in Fairbanks, we may meet you at Hyatt Place Hotel (400 Merhar Ave, Fairbanks, AK 99701) or we will let you know where we may meet you. (Pick up /Drop off time and Location are subject to change.)
We can’t promise to let you see the Northern Lights, which is Mother Nature that we cannot control. It is a natural phenomenon. The weather or Aurora activity may change during the tour. Even though everything is good or not good (Weather and Aurora Activity) when it starts, the weather or Northern Lights' activity always changes, and other conditions may change. It will be the natural things involved, which causes a lack of lights or low visibility. We will upload photos into OneDrive or Dropbox. It takes 2 days to send a URL linked. There are No Chairs, Bathroom facilities, Blankets, and etc. due to chasing the Lights. If you need a bathroom, please let us know. We will arrange where it has.


Husky Dog Sledding with Pick Up & Photo Service
The dog sledding season has come. We can’t wait to get a dog sledding tour with them. We are so proud of having our dog mushing team. - Dog Sledding Seasons: From November 1 To April 25. -
The Tour would be cancelled due to Safety Issue and the Cold Temperature or Heavy Snow. We may get an email about cancellation if it happens.
We will pick you up at 10:00am or 11:00am or 12:00 pm at your Hotel in Fairbanks Downtown.
(You may get an email for pick up time and location.)
We will meet you at Pike's Waterfront Lodge (1850 Hoselton Drive Fairbanks, AK 99709) or Walmart Parking Lot if you do not stay at a hotel in Fairbanks Downtown.
(Pick up time is subject to change.) - 4 - 5 Miles Trail - Learn about the history of dog mushing through guided commentary - Ask plenty of questions to your guide and musher It is about 20 min to 30 min for dog sledding. (It changes due to dogs, snow, wild animals, and trail conditions.)
You have time for petting dogs and taking photos. We will upload your photos onto OneDrive or Dropbox. We will send a URL linked to download them all (NO EXTRA CHARGE). It takes 2 days to get a URL linked.



Sightseeing the Last Frontier City Tour in Fairbanks, Alaska

We will pick you up at a hotel in Fairbanks. Otherwise, we may meet at Hyatt Place (400 Merhar Ave, Fairbanks, AK 99701)
Alyeska Pipeline Viewing Point
Stop: 20 minutes

Santa Claus House
Stop: 45 minutes
Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitors Center
Stop: 35 minutes
University of Alaska Museum of the North
Stop: 45 minutes - Admission included
Pioneer Park
Stop: 20 minutes
You'll return to the starting point




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